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what are compatible transceiver ?

There are numerous manufacturers in Asia and Japan which design and manufacture optical transceiver for major OEM’s (Cisco, Juniper, Nortel, HP, Brocade, etc.).  The same manufacturers also supply smaller networking distributors with the same products but inherently with different label and or part numbers.  For example the original HP 1000BASE SX part number is J4858C and the compatible part number would read J4858C-C or J4858C-AO. These optical modules are made of the same high standards and adhere to all quality specifications. So there is no real distinction between original transceiver products or compatible transceiver products.  There is one big difference though:  The price. The price of original transceivers is often 5-8 times higher than its compatible counterpart thereby ensuring very high profit margins. Prices of original transceivers have come down but there is still plenty of room to spare.   In the meantime it just makes more sense to buy compatible optics from proven distributors like Finisar, Prolabs or Approved optics. These companies are trading in USA but we also have providers in Germany like Conti Networks, Conbic Modula or Transceiver.Net which provide optical products with stringent quality controls and time tested warranties.  These companies have been in the market for many years, they know the European market and they provide high-quality transceivers at fair cost. Being close to their markets these distributors  also keep high stock levels of transceiver modules and accessories ensuring 24hour express delivery throughout Europe.  So does it make sense to buy compatible transceivers? You bet it does.

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