The new compatible transceiver price check

Munich, 13.08.2014

I guess we have all done it before, search for a part number at Google and hope for the best...or we wrote some price enquiry emails and the response was dismal and/or some vendors did not even answer. Now there seems an easier way to find your required optical transceiver. The folks at mytransceiver figured that they might as well compare transceiver pricing AND the online shop selling it. Together, this information is the basis for sound and cost-orientated purchasing, which does make sense. They have listed over 2000+ compatible transceivers, ranging from the near extinct GBIC, Xenpak & XFP range down to the latest QSFP 40GB.

The technical specs are for the tecies i guess but its good to have a data sheet ready when needed. What is also useful is the product review they have on some items, hopefully these reviews will spread to all products in time.

Mytransceiver is a tool worth testing.